What is a Game Bot?

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Meet your new
Retention channel

Your users don't like to be engaged via emails, SMS, push notifications etc. They communicate with friends and family using messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Kik, Line and more. Finally, you too can communicate with them using our solution, by easily creating a bot for your game, that will engage with users on a daily basis, in their preferred messaging app.

Our customers are seeing:

  • 50% CTR
  • 45% 6-month Retention Rate for Engaged Users
  • 20% of Users Initiate Conversations

The First & Only Solution
for Games

We built this platform especially for the Games Industry. Our initial customers helped us build it to ensure it correlates with their business rationale. Everything you do today to retain users, can be easily deployed into our platform - using the most powerful channel of communications worldwide - Instant Messaging apps.

The main advantages are:

  • Fully automated
  • Endless scale
  • Competitive edge
  • Most engaging experience possible to reach users

Game Bots Technology

Our technology makes it easy for every marketing and CRM manager create a bot with no code. The funnel is short and includes everything necessary to build a successful bot that will engage with users and retain them continuously. Our growth tools will allow you to distribute the bot across many channels. You will then be able to track every source and optimize accordingly. Our pre-configured analytics lets you track every single event, and our algorithms will auto-optimize performance to make sure every user gets their message at the right time, optimizing for CTR and overall engagement.

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