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Success Story

Project highlight: Shakira bot

This bot accompanies Shakira’s tour from pre-registration tickets to trending media and Shakira exclusives venue by venue


Users engaged the bot in the first 24H.


users claimed coupon codes for Shakira
El Dorado World Tour

The Story

We saw that over the next few years, bots on Viber and the other major messaging platforms will become the new medium of communication between companies and their followers. We figured that these companies will need a full stack marketing solution for crafting, measuring, and scaling this experience, and with that vision in mind, we started building and iterating.

The Scale

The launch got a tremendous amount of visitors into the bot, coming in very unpredictable traffic surges (the top surge was 50K new sessions in a few minutes). We had to scale up pretty much every piece of our architecture to support the operation - servers, databases, analytics index, CDNs, but it was worth it, getting a great turnaround and a really exciting day!